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ISME i SAC Cooperatin

The Institute for Standardization of Montenegro (ISME) and the Standardization Administration of the China (SAC) signed the Agreement on Technical Cooperation on September 12, 2016, in Beijing. This Agreement will raise the level of cooperation and communication between concerned standardization bodies, aiming to eliminate technical barriers to trade between Montenegro and China.

Pursuing economic interests of both countries, it is aimed to establish scientific and technical cooperation in accordance with international standards as well as mutual cooperation in the field of standardization. Following information exchange and standings coordination, it is aimed to launch the ground for realization of joint plans of ISME and SAC.

Public Enquiry (No. 5/2016)

According to the general regulations under the Institute's competences and Program and annual plan of the Institute, the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro is to subject to the Public Enquiry procedure draft Montenegrin standards. Public Enquiry (No. 5/2016) started on 01.08.2016. and it would be finalized on 29.09.2016.

More detailed information on draft Montenegrin standards being currently in Public Enquiry phase as well as on the very Public Enquiry procedure may be seen on submenu Standards/Standards in Public Enquiry.

The newest MEST

The newest Montenegrin standards (MEST) were adopted in July 2016. Decision on their adoption is published in "Official Gazette of Montenegro", No. 44/16, as of July 25, 2016. These standards present the integral part of the database and Montenegrin standards and related documents catalogue, and may be obtained at the Institute for Standardization of Montenegro (ISME). More detailed information on the newest Montenegrin standards may be seen on submenu Standards/The newest published standards.

At the same time, Institute has withdrawn some Montenegrin standards. Detailed information regarding withdrawn MEST may be seen on submenu Standards/Withdrawn standards.

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